The Bookselling Association launched its Green Bookselling Task Force in 2018, to keep a watching brief on what bookshops can do to be environmentally responsible and what efficiencies could be brought to the supply chain to reduce waste.

Since 2018, they launched "Green Bookselling - A Manifesto for the Booksellers Association, Booksellers and the Book Industry". Sustainable Bookselling

We at Daisyroots Books are committed to reusing, recycling and adopting ways of working that minimise our impact on the environment.  We are also great believers in 'make do and mend'!

Since we moved in to our new premises we have:

  • Re-used as many of the book shelves from the previous shop as much as possible
  • Sourced equipment and materials such as wood for new shop fittings from suppliers in Grange and across Westmorland and Furness
  • Changed many of the existing lights to LED - low energy lighting
  • Signed up to an energy supplier that actively promotes and uses renewable energy
  • Sourced products and materials locally, and from companies that have also adopted a sustainable approach to their business
  • Switched to eco-friendly cleaning products  
  • We use Cheeky Panda toilet paper which is made from bamboo and always try to buy Fairtrade tea and coffee.
  • Established a large planter outside the shop with pollinator friendly plants
  • We also hope to link up with local initiatives such as Greening Cartmel Peninsula and Peat South Lakes as well as work more closely with other local shops and local groups


P.S. We have always used 'planet friendly' packaging - see our Delivery & Postage page